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Leonardo da Vinci ‘s was an incredibly talented individual who not only invested time in creating artworks which have become treasures of mankind, but also spent hundreds of hours filling note books with ideas and sketches. More than 13,000 pages of such notes contain among other things studies in anatomy, science, engineering, military strategy and more.


Leonardo appeared fascinated in the idea of flight. He studied birds and the function of their wings. Da Vinci sketched many different flying machines some with flapping wings, another design was based on a rotating device driven by manpower, similar to the way a helicopter works. Because of this the invention of the helicopter is often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.


Extending his interest in science da Vinci drew diagrams of the human body and the reproductive system, including famous sketches of embryos inside the womb.


Some of Leonardo’s most well known notes and drawings relate to military machines which he designed to possibly help in some of the campaigns that many Italian city states were engaged in during this time. Included in the numerous diagrams were catapults, machine guns, tanks, crossbows and dozens more.


Da Vinci’s notebook drawings are a testament to a true Renaissance man whose mind showed no bounds to its curiosity. He was a genius with one of the greatest ever minds in history.



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All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.—Leonardo da Vinci